Equestrian Center and more than 50 miles of trails

Bear Valley Springs has a 50 mile trail system which has trails varying in difficulty from flat meadows to high mountain terrain. 

Beaubien Athletic Field

Team recreation is encouraged in Bear Valley Springs, for kids and adults.

Two Lakes

There are two main lakes in Bear Valley Springs, 4-Island Lake and Cub Lake. 4-Island Lake is a 37.5 acre lake located along the BVS Golf Course. Cub Lake is a 9.75 acre lake that has a picnic area with lots of shade trees.  Fishing is allowed (no swimming or boating). There is a walking path, an outdoor basketball court, playground area, a dock for fishing and model boats. Recently added is a leash free dog park.  During the summer months Cub Lake also offers “Moonlight Theater” after dark.

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