The History of Bear Valley Springs is unique. Please read the article written by Fred Trower on the home page. Here are some photos of Bear Valley Springs when the Fickert family owned the land and some photos from the greater Tehachapi area.

The first residents of Bear Valley Springs were the Kawaiisu people, or Nüwa, and their descendants continue to live and thrive in Kern County today. You will see many boulders around Bear Valley with numerous “grinding holes” called “pa-haz” by the Kawaiisu. These depressions carved into solid granite were used with rock pestles to grind acorns and other plant and animal materials as a major food source for the Kawaiisu community. More information can be found on this historical preserve brochure.

Tehachapi is home to several apple orchards, a couple of those orchards have won prizes for the quality of their crops.

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